Bob Marley

Where is Bob Marley trending?

Why is it trending?
Today (February 7th 2013) is the 68th anniversary of Marley’s birth.


Nesta Robert Marley was born in Jamaica in 1945 and is credited with bringing Jamaican music, and knowledge the Rastafari movement to the rest of the world.  Of mixed race, Marley was the child of an Englishman who worked as a plantation overseer, and an Afro-Jamaican.  When questioned about his racial identity he stated ‘I don’t have prejudice against meself.’

After a false start signing with CBS Records in America, Marley and the Wailers were left stranded in London; which led to the timely meeting between Bob and Island Records.  They saw something in Marley which they felt would help them introduce Reggae to a primarily rock audience and signed him.

The worlds first Thirld World rockstar, Marley’s lyrics continue to inspire today.  Whether it be ‘No Woman, No Cry’, ‘I shot the Sheriff, or ‘Redemption Song’ these are classic tracks that continue to bring hope to those living in Jamaica today.  The Washington Post quote Mutabaruka, a dub poet, as saying “It’s the same struggle now as when he was alive. So his music, when you hear it, it’s like he’s singing today even though he died some 30 odd years ago“.

Marley died on the 11th of May 1981, as a result of melanoma which had spread throughout his body.  The man is gone, but his work lives on.

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